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Award Winning Horse Riding Vacations in Costa Rica.



2 1/2 hour horseback riding tours in Costa Rica. Convenient for Jaco and Los Sueños.

If you care about the horses you ride on vacation, whether for a day tour or a horse riding vacation in Costa Rica, this is the place for you! Most of our horses are rescues who have been retrained to offer you a safe and ethical riding experience, we vow never to put profits ahead of the horses welfare. Our customer service is truly unrivaled.

Our Horse Riding Vacation in Costa Rica is second to none.

Surrounded by abundant nature in our 1300 acre private reserve, look out for the monkeys, coatis, deer, toucans and macaws that make this pristine natural haven their home. You will share the trails with no one but the wildlife!

We run a truly authentic, ethical and non touristy opportunity to see the real Costa Rica on horseback! Whether you choose an unforgettable week long vacation, or join us for our incredible 2.5 hour trail rides, rest assured you are in safe and professional hands. No matter if you are a nervous first time rider or an advanced horse owner, you will love your time with us and our incredible horses.

Our horses are all shapes and sizes, from Andalusians and Ibero's, Criollo and Quarter horses, from small ones for the kids to big and tall weigh bearers; they are all strong, fit and incredibly healthy; however to ensure they are happy and comfortable in their work we operate a very strict 200lb weight limit.

At Discovery Horse Tours, Horse riding vacation Costa Rica we are dedicated to providing a happy and rewarding environment for our horses. We are famous for our love of our horses and unrivaled customer care.



Owned and operated by Canadian couple Rod & Shawna

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Discovery is the culmination of our dreams of spending a life with animals in the jungles of Costa Rica connecting us all back to our natural world.

Whether you spend a few hours, or a whole week in this tropical paradise, we will share our love for our beautiful horses, and the wild animals that surround the Discovery ranch; in the company of our staff you can’t help but be filled with enthusiasm; it’s contagious! You will leave filled with the Pura Vida spirit.


“We vow never to put profits ahead of the welfare of our horses hearts, minds or bodies”



our horses

We believe that in order to really enjoy the experience, getting to know the horses personally is the best start. Each of our horses are unique individuals with their own beautiful personality. Scroll down and learn a bit more about each one of our stunning family.


Merlin the magician

Age 15 - Criollo x

 “The magician”.  He is very calm and great with every type of rider. His nickname is “Steady Eddy”. He is steady on his feet and goes with the flow keeping to himself in his personal little bubble, we could call him a favourite with everyone.


Aragon, Felicia's son

Age 7 - Andalusian

“The magnificent”. One of our biggest and youngest horses who despite his size is a big softy. He is Felicia’s son. A gentle heart who’s still a mamma’s boy. He likes to follow someone around to see what your doing and is only ready for good riders.


Felicia, Mom to Aragon

Age 9 - Andalusian

One of our biggest horses who is still a mom at heart. She is the mother of Aragon. Great with experienced riders but has been proving to be good with everyone as she has a very gentle way about her.



Age 9 - Criollo x

Our most playful horse. He loves to splash and play with water and very much enjoys the beach rides. He is wonderful with kids and all types of riders. Another big favorite with everyone.



Age 16 - Criollo x

 She is the top of our herd and acts like the mom of all the horses. She stands her ground and doesn’t like to be left behind. This is a horse who know what she wants and is good for all types of riders.



Age 11 - Criollo Quarter x

 “Missy moo” Loves a good ear scratch. She is inquisitive and curious about everything being done around her. She is great with all riders.



Age 12

The newest mare who came in with Pi. A gentle little girl with a soft & lovely disposition. She likes to be close to her human friends. Betty is named after the song “Betty Davis eyes”.


Age 8 - Criollo x

He is our youngest horse and is very curious and gentle. He loves to explore the environment, stopping to smell the roses, see the birds and check out everything that he passes. He has proven to be great with all our riders.



Age 8 - Pure bred Ibero

This energetic horse is great with good riders. Polvera means “firecracker” for the white spots near her thigh. Her favourite thing is food and a good ear scratch.



Age 12

 The newest of the herd, and came with Betty. An outgoing ladies man with lots of energy. He is our only gaited horse. He was named after the movie “Life of Pi”.


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Some of Discovery Horse Tours accolades


Winner of "Most Unique Experience 2016" in the Luxury Travel Guide awards. Voted No 1 tour in Jaco, and No 1 horse tour in the whole of Costa Rica by Trip Advisor, we are proud winners of the coveted Hall of Fame Certificate of Excellence for five stars in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 awards.

Chosen to appear in the world wide advertising campaign by the Costa Rican Tourist board (ICT) as the 2014 face of Horseback riding in Costa Rica!

See for yourself why Discovery Horse Tours are so highly commended by travel guides The Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Luxury Travel Guide, Fodders and Frommers, Moon guide and many others.

Parelli Costa Rica, Parelli Natural Horsemanship Costa Rica.

Discovery are proud to be a fully licensed and insured operation with certification from INS, Senasa and Minae. Located 20 minutes from Jaco, 35 minutes from Los Suenos and 1 hour from Manuel Antonio, in the village of Mata De Platano near Playa Hermosa.

Step off the tourist trails and experience the REAL Costa Rica!

As featured in Your Horse Magazine,Natural Horse Magazine,The Trail Rider Australia,Luxury Travel GuideIntelligent Horsemanship magazine,Trail Rider USA ,Parelli Savvy Times,The Weekly TelegraphThe Western Morning NewsLonely PlanetFrommers Guide etc.


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